To all you fishing enthusiasts out there , with  one month to go until the opening of the fishing  season in October, it’s time to haul out  the gear and hopefully in turn, haul out   some great  Snapper  in our wonderful Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.

Snapper being  a  much sought after fish in Port Phillip Bay challenges fisherman with its  vigorous  fighting ability thus  creating a bit of sporting fun. as well as  being a popular culinary meal.

Snapper colour varies from pink to reddish brown with pink fins. Younger Snapper called Squire have bright blue spots over upper body. Max size  can be 130 cm  to 19kg but generally average size is 7 kg.

Western Port Bay and Port Phillip Bay are prolific Snapper sources but are considerably different waterways mainly due to tidal scours and mud flat variations.  Port Phillip Bay has a shallow basin with an average depth  of 13 metres compared to  Western Port Inlet which  has shallow mud flats  but deep tidal scours .

Snapper move in shore to feed and spawn when the water temperature increases.


So with the facts aside what better way to start the thrill of it all  by hopping onto one of our  Fishing Charter boats leaving from Carrum Boat ramp at Launching Way Carrum   every Friday to Monday or by request.

Scnapper charters leave only when conditions perfect ,generally Oct – Dec  annually optimising chances of a good catch.

Click here to go to Bagout  Fishing Charter and Tours Melbourne are owned and skippered by Steve and Danny  offering not only  a great day but the added advantage of their 30   years  of experience  . Care is taken to ensure all safety gear is well  maintained and  in top condition whist only the highest grade tackle is used. Rods and bait are supplied .  All you bring is warm jacket, Fishing Licence, drinks , food, esky for cooling your supplies and of course  your big catch of Snapper ! For more information check out  the BAGOUT Fishing Charters Website.


.  From the time the first  fish arrive in the bay they are  are widespread but  adhere  to  their schools . They  are  slow to feed due  to temperature having not reached  peak  conditions which can be frustrating  to the fisherman.

As  water temperature  rises ,  however,  usually November,   the need to feed rises  (due to increased metabolism), which in turn draws the Snapper  to the  Angler’s  hook , creating  a far more successful fishing  trip.

SNAPPER a.k.a. squire, red bream

Snapper are a sought-after saltwater fish with a savage bite and strong fighting ability. Anglers love the challenge of snapper fishing with the added bonus of snapper being a prized table fish.

Physical Description: Younger snapper (squire) have bright blue spots over their upper bodies, and with age these spots disappear, the snout bulges and a hump forms over the nape. Colouration varies from rosy pink to red brown with pinkish fins